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Text Messaging for Sales, Loyalty, and Service

Text message marketing can be highly beneficial to the retail market.


  • Customers can receive texts updating them about sales and specials, or even receive specific texts, and or codes that when used shown result in a discount at checkout (text coupons).
  • Notification of new arrivals and discontinuations.
  • Run special limited hour sales if customer traffic is slow.
  • Directions, store locations and hours.
  • Build customer loyalty by encouraging responses to texts for higher discounts and special offers.
  • Provide updates on special orders and returns.
  • Invitations to “members only” specials.
  • Personalize messages based on customer prior purchases to encourage return visits.
  • Offer customers a convenient way to send customer service questions without having to come in or wait on the phone.

Text message marketing is an economical marketing plan with a high ROI. It requires little overhead, staff or effort. In a world where consumer marketing is awash with mass email and mailings; text and SMS is the new avenue. Retailers can effectively and cheaply communicate their message to all current and prospective customers with little effort.

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